“Berlin is poor, but sexy”
Klaus Wowereit, Berlin Mayor (2004)

And indeed it is. An incredibly exciting and sexy city that is still rough around the edges and wants to stay that way.

Founded in the 12th century Berlin has demonstrated many times that is is a city that can adapt, survive and grow stronger. It has an unrivalled history which is still present in the scars you see on the buildings and in the people┬┤s eyes who lived through it. Once the powerhouse of Europe it has emerged from two back to back world wars to be split in two – quite literally – and go on to become the current edgy, unfettered melting pot of artists, musicians, students and start-ups that makes it now the hottest place in Europe, if not the world.

To get the most from this city we highly recommend some pre-visit research and below we have suggested some movies and books that we feel are the best ones to really understand this city and its inhabitants.

Cool movies about Berlin

Recommended reading before visiting Berlin